My illustrations – works on paper.

Mostly I use ink & watercolour on A4 sketchbook or A3 and A4 format 350gsm medium cold press surface watercolour paper.  I am inspired by famous artists and I study them by copying & working out how they construct an image.  Sometimes I try to follow the original closely; but mostly it is a jumping off point to experiment and see where the pen takes me.

Some of my pictures start with appealing images from interiors magazines.  Or maybe it is nothing more than my imagination and the enjoyment of putting colours onto paper and adding lines and squiggles.

As well as the daily posting, also included are photographs and sketches from travel or personal interest, under separate headings.

The work of a visual artist is not finished until someone looks at it.



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Thank you to everyone who has sent a message or commissioned a picture.  I can be contacted at merrallsnora@aol.com or 0432062987.